Where did it come from?

I believe one of the hardest things for us humans to control is our emotions. How we feel in turn affects how we think, which affects our actions. Out of nowhere, we can find ourselves in this "questionable state." That's a really scary feeling but this post is meant to bring awareness to fragileness of our … Continue reading Where did it come from?

You’re the Only One

Last May, I wrote a post titled  the greatest love letter of my life in it I ended with the following If I could give you one thing to replace all the many things it would be a mirror so you can truly see what it is you look like . At the time I had … Continue reading You’re the Only One

Rewired: Give yourself permission to fall in love.

Giving God permission is not for God it's for you. I have to ask myself where do I begin and I believe that we need to begin with permission slips. Yes, I'm taking us back to elementary school here but the truth is we don't invite God in enough. Let me say that once more... … Continue reading Rewired: Give yourself permission to fall in love.

Our emotions. His purpose. My objective

It's interesting to see how emotions run every single one of us. I've been dealing with a lot of thoughts and emotions lately. I find it interesting that though I know how to manage my thoughts, at times they still get me. I've been inviting God into those moments, because I know that what I … Continue reading Our emotions. His purpose. My objective

Part 2: Be Still

My life is always on the go. It's my profession and honestly my way of life. This morning as I rose. I heard the words be still. I know exactly where these words came from. When I heard them I told God I didn't know how to be still. I tossed and turned wanting to … Continue reading Part 2: Be Still

Showing up and saying yes

As I was preparing to share the deepest parts of me I decided to only share what I was comfortable with. So many of us go through life feeling misunderstood,alone, and broken. My hearts heavy for that hurt. Maybe because it’s my own too. Last week I gave a talk about suicide but I wanted … Continue reading Showing up and saying yes