Our emotions. His purpose. My objective

It's interesting to see how emotions run every single one of us. I've been dealing with a lot of thoughts and emotions lately. I find it interesting that though I know how to manage my thoughts, at times they still get me. I've been inviting God into those moments, because I know that what I … Continue reading Our emotions. His purpose. My objective

Part 2: Be Still

My life is always on the go. It's my profession and honestly my way of life. This morning as I rose. I heard the words be still. I know exactly where these words came from. When I heard them I told God I didn't know how to be still. I tossed and turned wanting to … Continue reading Part 2: Be Still

Showing up and saying yes

As I was preparing to share the deepest parts of me I decided to only share what I was comfortable with. So many of us go through life feeling misunderstood,alone, and broken. My hearts heavy for that hurt. Maybe because it’s my own too. Last week I gave a talk about suicide but I wanted … Continue reading Showing up and saying yes

The greatest love letter of my life

I've wrote you many times before but never truly in the manner you deserved. I realize this now because I fear that If I don't I might loose you, for good. Over the years I've questioned your God, because I was afraid that he might change you. For some reason I was never really ready … Continue reading The greatest love letter of my life