Surrendering it​ all.

What a concept… to surrender it all.

I think of what it entails for me personally and if I am being really honest… it’s everything.

There’s so much I’ve half-heartedly given to God and it sucks knowing I could do more.

How do I die to the flesh?

Have I not been a good keeper of my testimony?

I know I could have done more to protect certain aspects of it.

I think of my addictions and how at times I have stumbled.

The reality is I believed the lies I recited to myself over and over again.

Not realizing I was on a roundabout road.

Some of the lies I believed were:

It’s only one hit, It won’t get me high.

Or it’s only one more cigarette or one more drink.

Or one more night, or one more day.

Or even one more meal.

I think of all these choices I’ve made with my life.

Honestly, I’d be a bigger mess if it wasn’t for His grace.

I am not saying His grace allows me to draw near to sin or even dance with it, but I am saying His grace really can bring us away from the sin that entangles us.

His grace has the power to break lifelong chains.

Have I been receiving His grace with the wrong mentality?

Is that what we as believers get wrong in our walks?

Is that what keeps us from being one with the spirit?

Is that what keeps us from living in true freedom?

I’ve asked a lot of questions for sure but in order to surrender we need to see how we fall.

Sometimes that means asking a lot of questions.

I don’t have it all figured out but I have the mentality of learning from my mistakes so here goes my approach.

Step 1: Ask Questions

When surrendering we need to ask questions as to what makes us fall? Why do we fall? Why do we keep falling? Why is that we aren’t making the changes necessary for a true breakthrough? What’s holding us back.

I believe that we also need to know what our breakthrough looks like… Like what are we expecting our breakthrough to look like?

The reason for expecting is it keeps us our eye on the prize.

Step 1 is super important in the aspect of reflecting with God allows Him to show us. Once he shows us we have the ability to ask Him for help.

I believe sometimes we know which direction to take but give in because it’s easier than putting one foot in front of the other.

Which leads me to step 2… come up with a solution. (Lesson learned: the solution never only has one variable)

Step 2 requires action. Once we ask these questions we need to have a plan. It’s simple but we miss the main ingredient to any significant change. As a result of missing the main ingredient we most often times find ourself back to step 1.

We need to have faith.

Our faith can start small but needs to grow with our testimony.

Faith grows through perseverance.

Prayer is a way of inviting God into your problem.

Pray consistently.

One and done is not the way when dying to the flesh.

We constantly need to be grounded.

Step 3 travel lightly.

God gave us grace for a reason. Referring back to the beginning I am not saying that we should abuse the gift given to us. However, we should understand that accepting grace allows us to let go of past hurt, pain, shame, and so much more (think about what it lets you let go of and why you might need it when surrendering it all.)

Step 4 pray without ceasing.

Honestly, one of my biggest realizations is that some sins entangled us in a way that we might not even realize that it’s sin.

So let’s keep this in mind: anything that tries keeps us from God needs to be prayed about.

This isn’t only things that we do but also ways of thinking.

Thoughts can become actions if we are left unguarded.

Our last step combines all the previous steps together.

Step 5: fight with the authority

Authority is only given to us if we are aligned with God’s will.

I think it’s important to understand that we constantly need to keep fighting.

The enemy is always at work.

What matters most in the world that we have a heart so after God…we can’t stop fighting.

Do not be discouraged.

My prayer for us is that we keep searching for a deeper more intimate relationship with God.

That surrendering it all be a lifestyle, not just a phase.

I hope this helps you in your journey.

Shalom, my friends.


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