Where did it come from?

I believe one of the hardest things for us humans to control is our emotions.

How we feel in turn affects how we think, which affects our actions.

Out of nowhere, we can find ourselves in this “questionable state.”

That’s a really scary feeling but this post is meant to bring awareness to fragileness of our mind and hearts and give us a solution to the issue.

As a young believer not having control of our emotions can bring us to a state of doublemindedness.

I used to be afraid of that word because anytime I read it or it was mentioned in a service I almost immediately felt guilty and unworthy.

Recently, I started to hear the word again.

Realizing my response to it had changed.

As a new believer feeling like this can really steer you away from the power of God.

Originally, my response to those feelings would simply be to shut down and close my heart from receiving anything God had to show me.

At church tonight we closed off our series titled “it ain’t cute no more…acting like a baby.”

I mention this because though I didn’t realize it this connects to what God put on my heart to share, it is 100% accurate.

Let me break it down.

The word challenges me and my thoughts.

When I hear the word it challenges my mind, my perspective, and my way.

Depending on where you at when you hear the word, it could stir something up in you.

The intention is that it stirs you up in a way that draws you nearer to him.

But being human we struggle with this.

Know the struggle is real and HE wants you to need him…

Needing him actually draws you deeper and gives you a fuller understanding of who you are in HIM.

Which in turn gives you your true identity, not the one that tells you…. you’ll never be enough.

Yes it calls you out of your place of comfort and complacency and calls you into a PURPOSE.

You see hearing the word is meant to bring clarity into our lives, not confusion.

Acting like a baby is sitting in this place of condemnation and not grace.

Hearing the word with condemnation in the back of your mind can really mess up the message and the intent in which it is given.

Which is to restore hope.

HE challenges us so we can grow in HIM.

In those moments when I felt guilty and unworthy, I never challenged it.

Maybe I didn’t feel strong enough at the time.

I honestly felt like I had no chance.

You see somewhere along the line we are taught that we are not enough…

Our God though is so awesome that he sticks with us through it all.

I remember challenging my doublemindedness…

I felt like a crazy fool, to be honest.

But what I realize today is that I was in a battle for my mind and peace.

Today,  when I feel like that I seriously push into the feeling and unravel the lie that I believed and I give it to God.

Because I don’t know what to do with it.

What I noticed is it doesn’t last as long when I surrender and use the power that God entrusted me and you with.

I’ve learned that in those feelings of discomfort I am only asked to seek him.

I love that HE IS so accessible not just sometimes but all the time.

Please remember that HE will always love you.

And that loving you means that HE will never leave you.

Your emotions do not run you and neither does your mind.

If you are struggling with your mind and emotions bring it to HIM.

Fully dig deeper with him and find the root of the feeling.

HE will know how to help you through that emotion, feeing and moment.

If you need further help please free to do more than just read this post.

I would love to pray with anyone who needs it.

Don’t accept anything that makes you feel alone because that is not HIS intention.


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