Permission to Fight

I am trying to recall the time I needed permission to do something.

I believe I was eight years old.

I wanted to camp with my grandma up in Silverwood Lake.

I wouldn’t take no for answer.

If you ask my mom and my grandma they will tell you how that story ended.

Reflectively, I should have taken the answer my mother gave me.

I was young though and I had a lot of fight in me.

Though I am not trying to endorse children not listening to their parents or caregivers.

I do admire something about little children and their adamancy about getting permission.

Just the other day my nephew nearly interrupted an entire graduation ceremony asking for tea.

I had no idea that he had the ability to project his voice as loud as he did.

Long story short my mom gave in and gave him tea instead of water.

I learned a couple of things from the younger version of me and my nephew.

The first being, if it is something you want, fight for it.

I feel that fight is super important when it comes to seeing results.

Knowing which direction I am taking this post I decided to look up some synonyms for  fight…

my top three were: to persist, to declare, and to plead for.

Giving myself permission to fight is a big thing in my walk with God.

To persist means that even when it gets difficult you keep going.

James 1:12 states, that those who stand the test will be blessed for they have endured.

The scripture also reveals the heart of why we continue to endure despite the trials.

To be blessed means to receive the Lords favor.

His favor wouldn’t mean anything if he didn’t mean anything to us.

It’s important to understand that HE is the reason we fight.

To declare means to proclaim, to reveal, and to bring into the open.

I love this and the best example I could think of is the book of Genesis.

I say the book because even the word Genesis means to form and begin.

So many things began in Genesis because God declared and spoke it into existence.

In the message version of Genesis 1, God created what today we know as heaven and earth.

He took what was nothing and made it into something.

He spoke light and light appeared.

Even more so, what God declared he was.

God is light.

God spoke so many things in the book of Genesis.

He spoke us into existence.

The beauty is that even in Genesis where God declares he also reveals.

In Genesis 1:26-28,

God spoke: “let us make human beings in our image, make them reflecting our nature So they can be responsible for the fish in the sea, the birds in the air, the cattle, and, yes, the earth itself, and every animal that moves the face of the earth.” God created human beings; he created them godlike, reflecting God’s nature. He created them male and female. God blessed them: “Prosper! reproduce! Fill Earth! Take Charge! Be responsible for fish in the sea and birds in the air, for every living thing that moves on the face of the Earth.”

That is so powerful. God declared so much of us from the beginning. When you give yourself permission to fight, you’re giving yourself permission to fight not only for a purpose but his purpose.

In Genesis he places this huge trust in us he empowers us with the ability to declare.

This brings us to the last synonym selected for this post.

To plead for a synonym for plead is proclaim

God later revealed why proclaim stood out

Proclaim comes from the Latin word proclamare which means to cry out.

What is the connection between giving yourself permission to fight and crying out?

I remember times in my life and in the bible where a single cry was the preface of a life altering change

In Psalm 130, the author begins the chapter with a cry out of the depths.

I love this illustration because the author knew what a cry meant.

There are two ways to look at the word cry one is as a noun the other as a verb.

As a noun cry can be defined as a shout or scream filled with a powerful emotion or feeling.

As a verb cry can an be expression of emotion .

When we cry out to the Lord we are proclaiming with great emotion and power that we NEED him.

What we need from him varies by the season we are in.

Notice I used the word need not want.

The author of Psalm 130 NEEDS and KNOWS that GOD will hear his cry.

He acknowledges that he may have to wait but that when he waits his whole being would wait.

The concept of waiting generally means to delay until something happens.

But this scripture actually gives us a different understanding of waiting.

While David waited for the Lord he didn’t wait in idle but instead he waited in the presence of the Lord.

Putting his hope in His word.

His cry even in his own struggle and fight was that Israel would put their hope in the unfailing love of Lord, and they will receive redemption.

Giving yourself permission to fight is about building your life in the promise that even though life isn’t alway perfect and neither are we… we serve a God who loves.

I think sometimes we carry so much of the world in us we forget how to fight.

We forget how to keep walking in purpose.

We need to fight just to find out why we feel HE doesn’t love us or forgive us.

We need to fight to accept our identity in HIM.

We need to declare a new creation and not just declare but walk in a new mind and new heart.

One that cry out for HIM in everything through everything.

I can see why we struggle to fight but fighting in this aspect increases faith it gives you evidence that our God can and does fight with us and for us.

Romans 10:13 reads

Everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.

Let us call out to him until something happens.

Let’s fight to believe, let’s persist and endure in all things.

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