Finding Love

I’m beginning to learn who I am and more each day .

You know it really wasn’t until I started reading the Bible that I truly began to find freedom.

Throughout the day I find myself asking God to search my heart .

I find myself asking why am I so quick to emotions .

Honestly I’ve just been asking for a lot of guidance lately.

As I am doing this God is revealing more and more about my heart to me.

I never would have thought that my heart would be healed and my mind would be renewed .

I mean that’s what happens when you pray.

I prayed so much and I don’t even think I believed wholeheartedly that it would be done .

Yet, with that mustard seed faith he came through .

Today I am a believer because thats who he made me to be.

He gave me his all when I was reluctant to pursue him .

He stayed faithfully and I need to do the same .

He has firmly grounded me and makes me unshakable .

He has made me optimistic and eager to serve him.

He has held me close and comforted me in my pain .

I fall in love with him more and more each day .

Finding him wasn’t and isn’t easy.

I constantly have these moments where I wrestle with the truth and the lies.

In those moments I continue to press into him because he is where I put my trust and my faith.

You see God does so much for us if we ask him.

If we stay at the same level of asking him though we won’t grow.

I’m asking God to go to places I’ve never welcomed anyone Before .

I know that’s a dangerous prayer , but I don’t want to live a life where my faith doesn’t grow.

He has rewired so much within me I need to continue to grow with him.

Time and time again I have to remind myself not to compare the pace in which I am building my relationship with Christ to other people relationship with him.

I’ve come to understand that due to the fact that we all have different experiences in life we will all have a different relationship with God.

The beauty in knowing that is knowing that he will meet us where we are at.

That’s comforting.

I think being honest is the hardest part about it all but if we aren’t honest then we are ashamed.

Shame is such an interesting topic but for now to say the least if we are ashamed we are not living in love.

And the biggest thing about your relationship with God is the foundation is love, patience and kindness.

When we begin the realize that.

We are truly letting him into uncharted territory.

Brace yourself for a life of love.

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