Stolen Moments

I looked forward to you all week.

But you rob me of my moments

And your timing sucks all my energy away

You leave me laying in bed.

Despite my best efforts to leave you make me stay.

My body curled up , head burrowed into my arms.

I fall asleep yet again with a heavy heart.

Feelings of loneliness hit my throughout the day.

I try to push through it but often times that version of me is clearly in auto-pilot not capturing anything you said.

Trying to maintain I push myself through it . Losing my sense of self along the way.

I forget to be mindful which robs me of the present.

Falling short of unrealistic expectations that you’d just go away.

It’s okay for me to reflect in this way.

Because empowered minds see.

They see the light, they see their strength.

They see they are able to despite the pain .

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