Part 2: Be Still

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My life is always on the go. It’s my profession and honestly my way of life. This morning as I rose. I heard the words be still.

I know exactly where these words came from.

When I heard them I told God I didn’t know how to be still.

I tossed and turned wanting to obey what God put on my heart to do.

I thought how still do you want me to be? Do I miss church to be still? How long does it take for me to be still? Lost in the thoughts I realized I wasn’t being as he asked me to be.

Tossing and turning a little bit more. The gears stopped.

When I was called out of the stillness. I sat in appreciation to what was the first moment I felt everything had stopped.

For those of you who know me or read the blogs you’ll know I have a disorder which makes it to that 10,000 rapid thoughts fill my mind within moments.

So the stillness was refreshing.

For the first time in a long time the gears in my head stopped moving.

This wasn’t something I needed to do, or even wanted to do. It was something that just was.

My pastor gave an awesome message today on the Holy Spirit.

In that message he talked about the do’ers who constantly well do.

He cautioned them to not plan for God, but to be obedient of his calling.

This portion of the sermon among others resonated with me. I learned a valuable lesson today.

Stop and listen. God will take the lead in everything we need to do if we just are as he calls us to be in his presence. He also mentioned the story of Jonah which I just finished reading not that long ago.

Jonah ran away from God’s will and a lot happened as a result of that.

God had a dialogue with Jonah that questioned the way he was living (always on the run from God’s calling.) When we are not as he calls us to be we might just miss what he is doing.

I wonder how this morning would have gone. If I just heard be still and got up anyways. If I had written off his calling as my own thoughts and needs to rest. Would I have missed the opportunity to just be in presence.

Being still looks different for everyone but  is vital for the renewing of our mind.  S

Stillness results in peace, love, guidance.

Out thoughts results in leaning on our own understanding and not that of God’s

Being still allows us to take his guidance and use his wisdom with daily choices.


Challenge this week.
Listen to God in moments when he calls you to be still #justdoit just be.

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