How to serve God

I sat in heavy meditation today wondering if I was a Mary or a Martha. This is a question I’ve always asked myself since first hearing about them. First my middle name is Martha so I can’t help like feel as if I was destined to be a Martha. I know my relationship with God calls to be a Mary yet , that’s super hard for me at times. Martha is a servant but grows weary and irritable she allows the actions of others to upset her. While Mary simply sits in the Lords presence and builds a relationship with him. There’s something amazing to learn from Mary who sits in the Lords presence. Sometimes we need to be still to be reminded how God works in our lives. The stillness could be uncomfortable for the Martha’s of the world yet in order to be an effective Martha we need to be a Mary so that everything we do glorifies God. He wants to pour into us and we need to slow down long enough to appreciate that. Martha opened her home to Jesus but she kept her heart busy. A busy heart is a risky heart because it runs the risk of not experiencing all the greatest the Lord has to offer. In another post I wrote that self love is self care and that it shouldn’t be task . In this scripture God calls us not to busy but to just be . Being in God’s presence shouldn’t be a task but sometimes we may feel or think like that … I need to read my Bible 5 times a day… it begins to feel like a task that we can’t fully appreciate because we are looking at it the wrong way . I starting reading Psalms and wanted to get through it in a day. I realized by trying to get through it I missed what God had to show me. I began reading piece by piece over and over again meditating on the meaning. It’s not about how fast you can finish the Bible but more so how you could incorporate its teachings into your daily life.

4 thoughts on “How to serve God

  1. revolutionarymusings

    I really try to have a relationship with God but it’s so hard to slow my brain down and I lack patience. I find if I just sit and just be then God will work in my life. This is a journey and sometimes it’s stop and go; on my end at least. Thank you for the beautiful post. I’m reblogging this


    1. Evonne Tirado Post author

      I am glad this resonated with you. I will be posting shortly the further calling God put on my heart just this morning on stillness. I hope you’ll have the chance to read it . God bless.



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