We take selfies, but do we see ourselves in them.

I’ve had a lot of thoughts lately about my body.

I surpassed the freshman 10 this last year, and can’t fit in the rides I love.

So, that stirred up some emotions in me.

Wanting to change my body shouldn’t come from a place of being unhappy with myself, but more so from a place of loving myself enough to make these changes.

There is a clear difference.

I did a self-love exercise today.

I took a video selfie of me looking at myself.

Not just a video of myself but me seeing the beauty in me.

You see people can tell you, you are beautiful but accepting that is the hardest part.

Towards the end of the one minute video of me making eye contact with myself I began to smile because I saw me.

For the first time in years I saw myself, and I loved myself.

I encourage you to try this, it might not just take a minute for you because it’s a practice.

Give yourself the time to see you again it’s something we loose along the way.

Sometimes we are so busy looking at other people that we forget to look at ourselves.

Common mistake we make is making this a task.

Self-love isn’t a task it’s self care.

Love you guys.

Be you, Be well.



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