The greatest love letter of my life

I’ve wrote you many times before but never truly in the manner you deserved.

I realize this now because I fear that If I don’t I might loose you, for good.

Over the years I’ve questioned your God, because I was afraid that he might change you.

For some reason I was never really ready for that change.

I questioned your worth in school, work and relationships .

Because if you lost it all, at least I could tell you I saw it coming.

I wish that mentality wasn’t what we built our relationship off of but it was.

I gave you false comfort and understanding when you trusted that my perspective was right.

I normalized a lot for you which is why I see you struggling with life, love, God.

But for some reason I don’t think it’s too late.

You see somethings still remain true despite the lies I feed you .

You’re a fighter even when I tried to break you down you fought back.

It’s why you question everything and see the beauty in everyone.

If I could give you one thing to replace all the many things it would be a mirror so you can truly see what it is you look like .

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