Why Finding Strength is so Important


My favorite form of art as a child were mosaics. I had no idea why I admired them so much. It could have been that I enjoyed trying to find out what pieces went well together and which ones absolutely didn’t work. Mosaics can be made by taking pieces of colored glass and putting them together to make an image that is incredibly beautiful. A lot of times when we see broken things we write them off and call it a day. When we feel broken we do almost the exact same thing not realizing that that mentality prevents us from seeing the “bigger picture.” The word specifically states that we should “Let perseverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”(James 1:4) Sometimes I believe we look at some of the pieces in our lives thinking it doesn’t work, it doesn’t fit, or I’m tired of trying to figure it out so we toss it out. Honestly, that’s pretty human of us. To stop trying. I did that a few times in my life and at times I still do. Finding Her Dynami is really about my journey into finding the identity God gave me not the one the world did. Gods pieces us together so beautifully yet we have trouble seeing that with our worldview.  It wasn’t it until I started to know God up close and personal that depression stopped creeping up on me like a thief of the night. It wasn’t until God that my past stopped haunting me the way it did. It wasn’t until God that I had armor and an army surrounding me in and through it all. You see who the world writes off Jesus goes to specifically and uniquely and asks us to follow him. And not follow him reluctantly but boldly and courageously. Because you may not see your true identity but Jesus does, he sees your worth and loves us relentlessly. We have a responsibility to accept that love and to let it transform us. I like to be transparent so my blog is really just a love story unfolding with me and God. God spoke to me this year in a new way. He asked me to revisit the places he carried me through. I didn’t want to do it to be honest. Yet, here I am 7 months later ready. God told me to follow him and together we would bring light to the darkness. I don’t know what darkness you are carrying with you but no darkness is too big for our God. I know this because I know the darkness he’s brought light too in my life and honestly I used to think it wasn’t possible to be healed the way God has healed me. Yet, here I am chains on the floor from suicidal thoughts, depression, PTSD, abandonment and a lot more. CHAINS BROKEN by a GOD that is bigger than our hurt, our obstacles, and our circumstances. I thank God for revealing to me my heart and his love. I couldn’t be more thankful and the only thing I can do is share my testimony with readers in hopes that a seed of healing is planted in you. I can’t do anything without God so God is with you. Shalom.